The purpose of The Sherman Sheet is to make your life as a Financial Advisor simpler and more profitable. Our goal is to help you achieve outstanding, market-beating, bear-avoiding performance, and to help you become a more confident, assured and reliable resource to your clients.


Sherman Sheet Models

"My take on trends, momentum, relative-strength ‘winners’ … and the probabilities of each.

The math-based methods we employ within our models acknowledge eternal truths about the market  – Truths from which all else descends:

  • Markets tend to trend; 

  • Trends tend to persist; and

  • Within each uptrend, there are asset-classes which will earn their way into our portfolios.

When examining the math for each of these trends, a decision can be made – whether we alter our market exposure or drop an entire asset class and pick up another.  The probabilities derived from the data, over meaningful timeframes tailored to each asset’s relative-strength measurement, tell us which scenario is more ‘probable’.

Our strategies are sophisticated, but not fragile.  As we’ve all seen and heard about in the press over decades, and even experienced personally at times, certain methods collapse unless a specific set of market circumstances converge in a certain way, at certain times. We’re keenly aware of this fragility that can plague a sincere effort to innovate, to enhance … efforts which can sometimes end up grievously ‘breaking’ a perfectly-good existing method – and we stand apart from that crowd.  We’ll always be mindful of that.



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